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Santa Barbara

Nanofabrication Facility

Bay 4 | metrology

The UCSB NanoFabrication facility combines world-class cleanrooms with expert staff to help our users do the impossible - no matter how small

The Nanofab: A UCSB Innovation center
An engine for the regional tech industry
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Staff support on your research and fabrication needs

Access a wealth of process development information on our Process Wiki

Collaborative environment for early stage R&D

Strong publications record, see the publications list

Wide support for non-standard materials and processes

Staff support on R&D fabrication, design and DOE

High tool up-time and staff responsiveness

Proven record with industrial prototyping and transition to various levels of production

See how we can help you with your next project


Cleanroom Facilities

12000 sqft. of class 100 and 1000 clean floor space

2 class 100 bays for optical and electron beam lithography and 5 class 1000 process bays

A spacious gowning room and supplies storage to accommodate up to 350 researchers

Equipment reservation via a web-based system

Extensive process and tool documentation accessible through the cleanroom wiki

Secure, 24-hour access to our facilities

Litho Bay #2

Litho Bay #1

Acid Bay

Furnace Bay

Deposition Bay

Etch Bay

User Supplies / Storage


User Supplies / Storage


Hangers / Racks

Gowning Room

Experienced & Knowledgable Staff

The professional staff at the UCSB nanofabrication facility is comprised of experienced industry and research engineers and scientists, assisting users in a variety of ways

Regular, high quality tool maintenance

Process support, troubleshooting, and consultation

Customized setups for specific process needs

Equipment/process troubleshooting

Group or individual equipment training

Tool Status


News Feeds

Select Publications


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