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Staff Contact

Staff Contact

  • Equipment Issues - please see the Wiki/FAQ section on this.

  • Fabrication Services by NanoFab Staff: Demis D. John

  • Electron-Beam Lithography - Process Support & Fabrication Services: Bill Mitchell

  • Focused-Ion-Beam Lithography - Process Support & Fabrication Services: Dan Read 

  • Fabrication/Process Questions and Support: Demis D. John



Prof. Jonathan Klamkin

Faculty Director

Brian Thibeault

PhD, Technical and Operational Director

Mike Silva

Operations Manager

Tom Reynolds

Engineering Expert

Tony Bosch

Equipment Engineer Lead

Don Freeborn

Equipment Engineer

Lee Sawyer

Equipment Engineer

Bill Millerski

Equipment Engineer

Peder Lenvik

Facility Lead

Aidan Hopkins

Equipment Engineer

Mike Day

Facility Engineer

Tino Sy

Facility Staff

Mike Barreraz

Equipment Engineer

Luis Zuzunaga

Facility Staff

Demis D. John

PhD, Process Scientist Manager

Foong Fatt

MS, Process Scientist

Biljana Stamenic

MS, Process Scientist

Bill Mitchell

PhD, Process Expert

Dan Read

PhD, Project Scientist



Financial Analyst

Vraj Mehalana

IT/System Administrator

Undergrad Interns

Process Technicians

Chris Guest

Equipment Engineer

Directions & Parking

Directions & Parking

Parking on Campus

The NanoFab is located on the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)​

On the 1st floor of the Engineering Sciences Building (not to be confused with "Engineering II", right next door).

Maps Links: Google Maps / Apple Maps 

Short Visit ( <4hr. )

Visitors parking in Lot #10 can purchase parking passes from the permit dispensers.

Visitors must park in stalls labeled, "Coastal Access," which are on the first floor ramp once you enter the parking building.

These passes are valid between 8:00am to 5:00pm and will cost around $8, and are valid for 4-hours at a time.

You can walk from Lot #10 to the NanoFab entrance as shown:

Long Visit (4-8hr/daily)

At the kiosks in the Mesa parking lot (lot #18), you can purchase daily (8hr long) C-permits for $8 a day.

You can also purchase C-permits for multiple days at the Transportation-Parking Services (TPS) office.  Click here for directions to the TPS office, and here for the TPS website.

C permits are valid for parking in time-restricted parking spaces for the time designated.

C-permit permits are not valid in the following spots, during weekdays, Monday–Friday, 7:30 am–5:00 pm; please avoid these types of spots: reserved or metered spaces or lots/spaces marked for vendors or “H” permits or Coastal Access spaces.

Lot #18: Mesa parking lot allows for long term parking via "C" permit.

Walk from Mesa Lot 18 to the Engineering Sciences Building with these directions (google maps).

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