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Chase 2 | etch gases


Expertly Maintained Facilities

Our mission is to provide a top-rate research fabrication facility for micro and nano-scale processing. 

The Nanofab provides the supplies, facilities, equipment and know-how needed to accomplish your cutting-edge research.


Class 100 in Lithography bays, Class 1000 elsewhere

Calibrated Hotplates checked weekly, ±1°C

De-Ionized Water ≥ 18MΩ, Low-particle Nitrogen guns

Environmental sensors monitored & alarmed (especially in Lithography Bays) 

Re-usable anti-static cleanroom gowns with laundry service

Many supplies provided, such as notebooks, toolboxes, chemicals, deposition source materials and other ancilliaries


Rapid response to equipment & facilities failures

Minimized equipment downtime with high ratio of industry-experienced staff to equipment

Regular periodic maintenance

Responsive to user process needs

Equipment reservations on SignupMonkey


Stepper Lithography Systems calibrated weekly

Regular Process Monitoring for PECVD systems

Qualified processes on many etch systems

Historical process monitoring to validate system performance

Starting Recipes and Historical Data on the NanoFab Wiki

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